Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major

Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major  4.26 
Studio recording 2 December 1968 
* Broadcast on BBC Radio One's 'Top Gear' show on 15 December 1968, otherwise unreleased

Written by David Gilmour
Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studios, London


Little information is available about this unreleased track. It was recorded only for radio broadcast, though it may have formed the basis for The Narrow Way part 1 on the Ummagumma album. Baby Blue Shuffle is basically a Dave Gilmour showpiece, consisting solely of two or more acoustic guitar tracks dubbed atop one another. It is very quiet, mellow, and peaceful, and would make good soundtrack material (in fact it is quite similar to parts of Rain in the Country, recorded for the Zabriskie Point film soundtrack). This is Dave's first solo piece with the band, though he was never formally credited and it is possible the others had some input as well.

Alternate titles: Baby Blue Shuffle in D Minor

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