Friday, March 26, 2010

Echoes part I

Echoes part I  11:53

(See Echoes on Meddle, verses one and two. The lyrics are identical, except verse one, lines eight and
Something stirs, and something tries
Starts to climb towards the light

(And verse two, line nine:)
Someth... ne speaks and no one tries 
No one speaks and no one tries

Dave does lead vocals on this version of the song, while Rick does the harmony vocal. You can almost hear the snip of the editing room scissors as the song cuts from the post-vocal guitar-dominated section to the bassy funky section (of course the camera cuts ahead as well). On the 18th line, Dave starts to sing 'something' by mistake and then corrects himself in time to sing the last half syllable of 'one.' Since Echoes is divided into two sections, previously unheard music marks the exit from the first part and the entry into the second part.

First Interlude 6:05

Band and roadies at supper:
Roger: "This is nothing like our supper usually is..."
Voice (OOV): "This is true. This is true."
Roger: "...usually we're chatting away, enjoying ourselves."

Roger plays with the VCS3 synthesiser. Additional shots of the band at supper:
Dave: "Is this your milk, Rick?"
Rick: "Yeah."
Dave: "Can I drink it?"
Rick: "No. You can have a sip."

More VCS3 shots, followed by interviews:
Dave Gilmour: "I don't think the equipment could take over. We do rely on it a lot. I mean, we couldn't dowhat we do, as we do it, without it. We could still do a good, entertaining musical show, I suppose, without it. But all those things are down to how you control them. And whether you are controlling them, and not the other way round."

Nick Mason: "There's a danger that we could become slaves of all our equipment, and in the past we havebeen. But what we're trying to do is to sort it all out. So that we're not."

Roger Waters: "It's just a question of using the tools that are available, when they're available. And moreand more now, there's all kinds of electronic goodies which are available for people like us to use, if we canbe bothered. And we can be bothered."

Dave Gilmour: "I mean it's all extensions of what's coming out of our heads. I mean, you’ve got to remember you’ve got to have it inside your head to be able to get it out at all anyway. The equipment isn't actually thinking of what to do any of the time. It couldn't control itself."

Shots in the studio at Abbey Road. These (and all of the studio scenes) were shot in June, during the making of Dark Side, while all the live stuff at Pompeii and the dinner scenes were shot during the May dates.

Dave Gilmour: "It would be interesting to see exactly what four people could do, if just given the equipment, who didn’t know anything about it, really. And just told them to get on with it, and do something. It’d be aninteresting experiment. I think we'd come off better."

Roger Waters: "It's like saying, give a man a Les Paul guitar and he becomes Eric Clapton. And it's not true. And give a man an amplifier and a synthesiser and he doesn't become, whoever, you know, he doesn't  become us."

A version of On the Run is heard. Lasting about two minutes, it is substantially different from the album version. No sound effects, such as the voices and laughter, have been added yet.

Pompeii (Main Theme)
Echoes part I
Careful with that Axe, Eugene
Saucerful of Secrets, A
One of These Days I'm Going To Cut You Into Little Pieces
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
Mademoiselle Nobs
Echoes part II

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