Monday, March 1, 2010

Games For May

Games For May
Performed live on 12 May 1967 
* Unrecorded
     (written by Syd Barrett)

Lyrics (incomplete):
Free games for may (3x)

This was the original version of the song that became See Emily Play. It was performed under this title only once, at the concert of the same name (which was, ironically, not free). After the lyrics were slightly rewritten, it was recorded as the Floyd's second single under its new title, See Emily Play.

It is highly probable that the lyrics changed very little from one incarnation of the song to the next; however, listed above is the only lyric for Games for May which is certain.

Andrew King: "The Games for May concert was in two parts: there was a Floyd set and a number of individual efforts. I think the individual efforts came in the first half. They were basically pre-recorded tapes; Roger and Rick got some together, but no-one else did really, because Syd was in the middle of writing See Emily Play, which was like a theme song for that show — 'games for may' comes in the lyric. The released version was lyrically altered a bit, but it was basically the same song."

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