Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Hero's Return – Parts I and II

The Hero's Return – Parts I and II  4:02
Studio recording July-December 1983 
* Released on flip side April 1983

Written by Roger Waters
Recorded in England
Produced by Roger Waters, James Guthrie, and Michael Kamen
Engineered by James Guthrie and Andy Jackson

UK: Harvest HAR 5224
US: Columbia 38-03905

(See The Hero's Return. The lyrics are identical, with the addition of:)
Jesus Christ, I might as well be dead
I can't see how dangerous it must feel to be
Training human cogs for the machine
Without some shell-shock lunatic like me
Bombarding their still soft shells
With sticks and stones that were lying around
In the pile of unspeakable feelings I found

When I turned back the stone
Turned over the stone
Of my own disappointment
Back home

This is a rare gem, available only on the B-side of Not Now John (obscured version), it is over a minute longer than the version on the album, and the extra lyrics provide further insight into the theme of the album and the WWII bomber/teacher character whom it depicts.

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