Saturday, March 6, 2010


Moonhead  5:35
Studio recording late June or early July 1969 
* Broadcast on BBC TV 10 July 1969 
* Re-broadcast on German TV 22 July, Dutch TV 24, 25 July 1969, otherwise unreleased

Written by Waters, Gilmour, Wright, Mason
Recorded at Abbey Road
Produced by Norman Smith


The Floyd were contracted to write the background music for a BBC television special episode of the program Omnibus on the night of the Apollo 11 moon landing, the first to put men on the moon. The program, subtitled What If It's Just Green Cheese?, detailed the moon landing as well as different perceptions of the moon throughout the ages. The same piece was used for the German and Dutch coverage of the landing. This piece was probably recorded during the Ummagumma sessions in late June or early July 1969. The writing by-line is speculative (based on the style of the song), and the time is of the surviving recording, which may be part of a longer piece. The song was either recorded at Abbey Road and produced by Norman Smith or at the BBC's studios and produced by the band.

Moonhead is quite similar to Main Theme from More (recorded three months earlier) in some of its intense descending bass themes and guitar which open and close the piece, whereas the organ is reminiscent of some elements of Quicksilver from the same album, especially in the slow middle section.

Nick Mason: "People still think of us as 'music of the spheres' and all the rest of it..."

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