Monday, March 8, 2010

Not Now John (Obscured version)

Not Now John (Obscured version)  4:12
Studio recording July-December 1983 
* Released on single April 1983

Written by Roger Waters
Recorded in England
Produced by Roger Waters, James Guthrie, and Michael Kamen
Engineered by James Guthrie and Andy Jackson

UK: Harvest HAR 5224
US: Columbia 38-03905

(See Not Now John. The lyrics are identical, except all usages of the word 'fuck' are replaced by the word 'stuff.' The song rapidly fades out after the following lyrics:)

S'il vous plait ou est le bar? Got to get on (2x)

This song, from the Final Cut album, was earmarked for a single release as it seemed to have the most energy of the songs on that album. Unfortunately, part of its energy is repeated shouts of 'Fuck all that!' so Gilmour had to go back into the studio to change the vocals to something that could be played on the radio. Of course, it was scarcely worth his while, as the single didn't chart and didn't get much airplay.

Dave Gilmour: "We more or less fell for a record company hype. Steve [O'Rourke] said that American radio stations wanted Not Now John out as a single, and we just went along with it. The fact is, it still says 'Fuck all that!' because it's just a copy of the master with me and some backing singers shouting 'stuff' a bit louder than 'fuck.'" [TAP 46]

Dave Gilmour: "I don't like [the song] at all." [Dallas 149]

This would be the last official Pink Floyd release for 4½ years. In December 1985, Roger Waters would publicly declare that he had left the band to pursue a solo career.

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