Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs Of Life

Signs Of Life 4:23
     (written by Gilmour, Ezrin)

In the childlike view of the world went, nothing requested, nothing requested, nothing requested,
nothing requested, other people requested it.
I do not find being a satin . . .
Nothing replaced it
I do not like being . . .
Other people
Someone who knows what's right
I do not like being...

The opening track of A Momentary Lapse of Reason was co-written by Dave Gilmour and Bob Ezrin, who was also serving as co-producer on the album.

Dave Gilmour: "The guitar and whistling answers was actually a demo that I did in '77 or '78. We had to replace the actual guitar, but the backing chords are from an ancient thing I did." [TAP 51]

Nick Mason: "The boat was one of the earliest things we started with as a sound effect because it's such a romantic sound; so clear when we recorded it." [TAP 51]

The digital recording of the album really shines through here, as the first thing the listener hears, instead of tape hiss, is the sounds of the boat on the river. This helps to establish the thematic feel of the album, as the river is the symbol which runs through many of the songs. Originally, Signs of Life was seriously considered as the album title as well.

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  1. Some internet sites propose next lyrics. I can't distinguish what's the right version:

    When the child like view of the world went,
    Nothing replaced it... (x3)
    Other people replaced it.
    I do not like being asked to... (x3)
    Other people replaced it,
    Someone who knows what's right.

  2. Is it Nick who's reading these words?