Saturday, March 20, 2010

Theme (Beat Version)

Theme (Beat Version)  2:00
Studio recording late March 1969 

* Unreleased

Written by Waters, Mason, Wright, Gilmour
Produced by the Pink Floyd
Recorded in France or London over eight days in late March
Supervised by Barbet Schroeder


Recorded for the More soundtrack and used in the film but never released on record, this is, as the name implies, a variation on the main theme of More. Actually more similar to the dramatic theme than the main theme, this piece has a noticeably quicker tempo than either, and includes some faster guitar work from Dave.

Theme (Beat Version) appears in the film at the party where Stefan meets Estelle, just as Stefan and Charlie are leaving. It then reprises later in the movie in a scene where Stefan is working at the bar of Ernesto Wolf's hotel, and feeling better than he has in weeks — he even likes those usually unbearable tourists! (For more information, see the entry for More.)

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