Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Do You Want From Me

What Do You Want From Me
     (written by Gilmour, Wright, Samson)

As you look around this room tonight
Settle in your seat and dim the lights
Do you want my blood, do you want my tears?
What do you want?

...What do you want from me?

Should I sing until I can't sing any more?
Play these strings 'til my fingers are raw?
Ooh, you're so hard to please
What do you want from me?

Do you think that I know something you don't know?
...What do you want from me?
If I don't promise you the answers would you go?
...What do you want from me?
Should I stand out in the rain
Do you want me to make a daisy chain for you?
I'm not the one you need
What do you want from me?

You can have anything you want
You can drift, you can dream, even walk on water
Anything you want

You can own everything you see
Sell your soul for complete control
Is that really what you need?

You can lose yourself this night
See inside there is nothing to hide
Turn and face the light
What do you want from me?

Dave's girlfriend Polly Samson lent a hand on lyrics for this song, whose bassline was inspired by Have a Cigar.

Dave Gilmour: "I can't say my greatest desire is to be innovative or break new frontiers. I just hope to make music that moves people a little bit and makes them think. We don't claim to have solutions to life's great problems." [USA Today 25 April 1994]

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  1. What Do You Want From Me has roots in the instrumental track Raise My Rent from David's 1978 solo record.

  2. “Most complete examination of Pink Floyd?” If you mean hardly anything on lots of these songs and some “examinations” be blank then you’d be right. Most complete examination my great aunt Fanny.