Friday, April 2, 2010


Explore, review and contribute your opinions (or corrections if you notice any errors) for the song and album entries on this blog.  If you wish to contact me by email, feel free at

While I can't respond to all, valid comments, suggestions and criticism may be published below (your email address will not be publicly shown).  Insofar as the goal of this project is to provide the most complete and accurate historical information for every known Pink Floyd work, entries will evolve through your contributions. So join in and offer your unique perspective and insight for any songs you wish to discuss. (Note: Photos and illustrations are continually being added as time permits.)

I hope this style of presentation (blog with reader comments) will encourage and entice fans and historians to aide in building each entry into what can be not only an ultimate free resource for fans, but also an enjoyable one.

Happy reading!

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