Friday, February 26, 2010

Candy And A Currant Bun

Candy And A Currant Bun  2:43
Studio recording 27 February 1967 

* Released on single B-side 11 March 1967 * 
Re-released on The Best of the Pink Floyd, 1970 (Europe only); Masters of Rock vol. 1, 1974 (Europe only); and on the Early
Singles CD of the boxed set Shine On, 1992

Written by Syd Barrett
Recorded at Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London
Produced by Joe Boyd
Engineered by John Woods

UK: Columbia DB 8156 (B-side)
US: Tower 333 (B-side)

Oh my, girl sitting in the sun
Go buy candy and a currant bun
I like to see you run
Lick that
Oof, don't talk to me
Please, just walk with me
Please, you know I'm feeling frail

It's true, sun shining very bright
It's you I'm gonna love tonight
Ice cream tastes good in the afternoon
Ice cream tastes good if you eat it soon
Oh, don't touch me child
Please, you know you drive me wild
Drive me wild
Please, you know I'm feeling frail

Don't try it, another cat
Don't go without one, that you must know why
Very, very, very, frail

Oh my, girl sitting in the sun
Go buy candy and a currant bun
I like to see you run
Lick that

Lead vocals: Syd Barrett

Let's Roll Another One was chosen for the B-side of the band's first potential single, and was hastily rewritten when it was realized that the disc would almost certainly be slapped with a ban if the original title and lyrics were retained. And so the song about pot-smoking and sexual innuendo became the relatively harmless Candy and a Currant Bun. Some of the original suggestive lines remained; however, the garbled quality of most of the vocals ensured that no-one would notice.

This was recorded on the same day as Arnold Layne, the A-side of the single.
Roger Waters: "We had to change all the lyrics in one song because it was about rolling joints. It was called Let's Roll Another One and we had to change the title to Candy in a Currant Bun [sic] and it had lines in it like..."
Nick Mason: "Tastes right if you eat it right..."
Roger Waters: "No, they didn't like that at all. Very under the arm."


  1. this song does not contain the word "fuck" - the line is "please just walk with me".

  2. When ears fail and imagination rushes in to fill the void. :) Thanks for the correction; the line has been fixed for this entry based on your input.

  3. To my ears the word is "falk",yeah "very under the arm" ;)