Friday, February 26, 2010

Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges 3:23
     (written by Wright, Waters)

Bridges burning gladly
Merging with the shadow
Flickering between the lines
Stolen moments floating softly on the air
Born on wings of fire and climbing higher
Ancient bonds are breaking
Moving on and changing sides
Dreaming of a new day
Cast aside the other way
Magic visions stirring
Kindled by and burning
Flames rise in her eyes

The door that stands ajar
The walls that once were high
Beyond the gilded cage
Beyond the reach of ties
The moment is at hand
She breaks the golden band

The album cut of this song appears in the film when Vivian visits Olivier's camp and he is showing her his prized collection of rare feathers.

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Burning Bridges
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  1. A perfect 3 minute slice of Floyd heaven.Gilmour and Wright are just too amazing singing in harmony.Every Floyd fan should have this track.