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Delicate Sound of Thunder (album)

Delicate Sound of Thunder  1:44:18
Live recording August 1988 
* Released 26 November 1988

David Gilmour: Guitars, Vocals
Nick Mason: Drums
Richard Wright: Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Carin: Keyboards, Vocals
Tim Renwick: Guitars, Vocals
Guy Pratt: Bass, Vocals
Gary Wallis: Percussion
Scott Page: Saxophones and Guitar
Margaret Taylor, Rachel Fury, & Durga McBroom: Backing Vocals

Produced by David Gilmour
Recorded by Remote Recording Services
Recording Engineer: Dave Hewitt
Assisted by Robert (Ringo) Hyrcyna
Mixed at EMI Abbey Road Studios, London
Mixed and Engineered by Buford Jones
Assisted by Larry Wallace
Assistant Engineers: Tristan Powell and David Gleeson
Musical Equipment Technicians: Phil Taylor and Keith Smith
Art Direction: Storm Thorgerson
Live Photography: Dimo Safari
Cover Design: Storm Thorgerson and Colin Chambers
Cover Photography: Andy Earl and Anthony May
Graphics: Nexus, Jon Crossland and John McGill
Special Thanks: Michael Farrell, Bob Ezrin, Neil Warnock, and to everyone who came to our show.
(Note: The listing of 200 Tour Personnel, included in the CD booklet, has been omitted here.)

UK: EMI CDS 7914 802 (Stereo double CD. Disc one: 49.03 Disc two: 55.15)
US: Columbia C2K 44484  Reached #9 on the US charts

The live recording made at Nassau Coliseum, New York, in August, 1988. This concert was also filmed, and a concert video would be released the following year, containing all the songs from the Delicate album (with the exception of Another Brick in the Wall Part II), plus several more.

Album Package
Storm Thorgerson: "Because [it] was a live album, I wanted the cover to reflect what was so special about a Floyd gig — what made their shows unique — which I consider to be the marriage of light and sound. So you have Mr Light in a showdown with Mr Sound. The whole thing was shot in Spain." [The Amazing Pudding fan-magazine, Issue 60]

Disc One
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Learning to Fly
Yet Another Movie
Round and Around
Dogs of War, The
On the Turning Away
Disc Two
One of These Days
Wish You Were Here
Us and Them
Another Brick in the Wall part 2
Comfortably Numb

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  1. Delicate Sound Of Thunder is one of my favorite covers. I see a lot of folks on the web are not big fans of this cover (mostly because they don't get it). I always ask they consider this observation: The individuals (looks like it could be Mason & Gilmour in the flesh) represent lightning & thunder. The lightning has already happened and is now resting on a stool. The photo is taken just as the thunder claps, thus startling the birds & causing them to take flight. Whether or not this is the true meaning, it made sense to me the instant I saw the cover. Just a thought...