Saturday, February 27, 2010


Daybreak 6:41
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Grantchester Meadows on Ummagumma. The lyrics for Daybreak are identical are identical except for verse two, line two:)
All around me, golden sunflakes covering the ground
(And verse three, line two:)
All around me, golden sunflakes settle on the ground

Lead vocals: Roger Waters
Backing vocals: Dave Gilmour

The Man Suite starts with Daybreak, evoking the image of a quiet and gentle dawn, beginning the 'day in the life' theme of the piece. Daybreak would be recorded in June of 1969 under the title Grantchester Meadows, and released on the Ummagumma album. The two songs are only slightly different, both in lyrics and melody. The differences in the latter are mostly in the instrumental portions; however, one thing that does stand out is Dave's high harmony vocal on the chorus, absent from the album version of this song.

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