Thursday, March 18, 2010


Sleep 3:38
     (written by Richard Wright)


Following Doing It, of course, is Sleep, another original piece never to be recorded. This is an eerie instrumental, probably composed by Rick Wright, though it may also have been a group composition. The piece begins with the heavy breathing of a sleeping man, and slowly Rick's organ comes in. The sustained organ chords and cymbals from Quicksilver, off the recently recorded More soundtrack, form the basis for Sleep, with additional sound effects and strange instrumentation rounding things out and creating a very 'spacey' sound. It is with pieces like this one that the band earned a reputation for writing 'science-fiction' music.

Sleep was intended mostly as a prelude to Nightmare. After about three minutes, the organ chords from Nightmare come in, followed by the bass at about 3:30. At 3:38, Nightmare's guitar begins, and Sleep has blended absolutely seamlessly into Nightmare. It is during these song cycles that the band demonstrated their unsurpassed mastery of the art of the segue, much more difficult in live performance than on record.

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  1. Richard Wright was the most important member of Pink Floyd.