Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daybreak part two

Daybreak part two 2:10
     (written by Roger Waters)


Another segue, so seamless that the audience probably didn't know another song had begun, introduces Daybreak part two, an original instrumental which is the denouement of The Man Suite. This is the aftermath of the nightmare; the man collects his wits just in time for his alarm clock to sound (literally), bringing the suite full circle with a new dawn.

Daybreak part two is mostly Rick's organ, with Dave's spacey guitar as well, and Nick finishing things off with a cymbal crash. Interesting that Roger is credited with this tune, as he doesn't seem to do much. The by-line may be inaccurate.

Some bootleggers have incorrectly titled this piece Labyrinth.

The Man
Doing It
Daybreak part two
The Journey
Beginning, The
Beset by the Creatures of the Deep
Narrow Way, The
Pink Jungle, The
Labyrinths of Auximenes, The
Behold the Temple of Light
End of the Beginning, The

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