Sunday, March 14, 2010

Comfortably Numb (Wall film)

Comfortably Numb 6:10
     (written by Gilmour, Waters)

Rock and Roll Manager: Fuck me!
(See Comfortably Numb (Wall album) for sung lyrics.)

We return to the reality of the hotel room and Pink's catatonic state just as the Rock and Roll Manager, the Hotel Manager, the American Doctor, Paramedics, and others break into Pink's hotel room to see what's wrong with him (or more specifically, why he isn't at the concert venue on time). Shocked at the sight of the decimated room and Pink himself, efforts are immediately begun to revive him while the Rock and Roll Manager and Hotel Manager argue about money and liability and other such things managers go on about. While receiving oxygen and injections and other things meant to bring him round, Pink is in his own world. Childhood memories drift through his head, and people from his past walk up to him in turn in scenes shot on the Epsom Downs in the early morning. His mother's lack of understanding, memories of a serious childhood illness, and images of his father torture him until he regains some semblance of awareness. Upon seeing this, the Rock and Roll Manager orders him dressed and physically dragged to the concert arena. As Pink is carried down the corridor and to the car park, powerful hallucinations distort his reality, and he imagines himself covered with a kind of artificial skin, which is mutating and changing him underneath. Upon reaching the car, he tears it off and his hallucinatory fantasies alter radically from out-of-control delirium to hard-edged total control — he sees himself as an unfeeling fascist, on the way to his own musical rally.

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