Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall part 3 (Wall film)

Another Brick in the Wall part 3 1:13
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Another Brick in the Wall part 3 (Wall album) for sung lyrics.)

For this song, the film intercuts extremely rapidly a number of scenes from the movie, depicting things in the past, things yet to come, and scenes that didn't make the final cut of the movie, except in their brief depiction here. These scenes of hate, betrayal, marriage, school, mother, rejection, loss, women, and violence add up to the sum total of the bricks in Pink's wall. The wall is almost complete, and in terms of the film, this is a recap of all that has gone to make it.

The riot scenes glimpsed here and there during parts of the song were also shot at the gasworks at Becton, and included 150 rioters and police. Among the rioters were the Hammer Guard skinheads, who feature later in the film.

Alan Parker: "The riot footage was an improvised affair that developed through the night. The only image I'd preconceived was the 'wall' of riot police, their shields glinting in the light, behind them a second wall of flames. As the night drew on and the skinheads and 'police' clashed for the dozenth time, tempers were rising. The skinheads had found it difficult to grasp that these were actors dressed as policeman and that we were creating a film riot, not a real one. But, however many times we reminded them, the fighting always seemed to continue long after I had yelled out 'Cut!'" [Dallas 127]

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