Friday, March 26, 2010

In the Flesh? (Wall film)

In the Flesh? 3:02
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See In the Flesh? from the Wall album for sung lyrics.)

This song was rerecorded for the film, incorporating new lead vocals by Bob Geldof.

A slow pan in extreme close-up from Pink's Mickey Mouse watch to his eye was shot by Oxford Scientific Films, whose talents were more often employed for filming close-ups of insect behavior.

Alan Parker: "At one time I thought of using the sexual mores and violence in the insect world as metaphors in our story but it was soon abandoned — anyway, the rate these diligent scientists work, we would still be finishing the film." [Dallas125-6]

The maid's knocking at the door causes Pink to flash forward to the rock show of later that evening, though except for the shots of Pink, it could be any rock show, any evening. Filmed at Wembley, the crowd and riot scene is apparently meant to be set at the Los Angeles Arena. Here Alan Parker very effectively carried out Roger's original concept of making comparisons between rock concerts and war.

Roger Waters: "I wanted to make comparisons between rock 'n' roll concerts and war. People at those big things seem to like being treated very badly, to have it so loud and distorted that it really hurts. But there is very little of that left in the film. For a long time the script had this image of a rock 'n' roll audience being blown up—bombed—and, as they were being blown to pieces, applauding, loving every minute. As an idea it is quite pleasing, but it would look silly to actually do it on film. It would hard for it not to be comic." [Rolling Stone 9-16-82]

The WWII scenes were shot at Burnham Beaches in Barnstaple, and models of Stuka divebombers were used for the plane shots.

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