Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stop (Wall film)

Stop 1:35
     (written by Roger Waters)

Do you remember
The way it used to be?
Do you think we should have been closer?

I put out my hand
Just to touch your soft hair
To make sure in the darkness
That you were still there
And I have to admit
I was just a little afraid
Of the ones living under
Their dirty old macs
And the ones who were pointing
The guns in their backs

Stop (echoed)
I wanna go home (echoed)
Take off this uniform and leave the show (echoed)
And I'm waiting in this cell because I have to know (echoed)
Have I been — (echoed)
Have I been guilty (echoed)
All this time? (echoed)

Entirely different from the album version, Bob Geldof takes the lead vocals unaccompanied, and sings additional lyrics that were later to appear on the albums The Final Cut (in Your Possible Pasts) and Roger's solo effort The Pros and Cons of Hitch-Hiking (in 5:11am (The Moment of Clarity)).

Back to reality now, and Pink is huddled in one of the stalls of the concert hall's lavatory. Having abandoned his fascist fantasy of believing himself evil and unfeeling as too much for him to bear, his words now, read out of his notebook, are a prelude to the self-trial and final judgment which follows.

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