Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stop (Wall album)

Stop 0:39
     (written by Roger Waters)

I wanna go home
Take off this uniform and leave the show
And I'm waiting in this cell because I have to know (echoed)
Have I been guilty all this time? (echoed)

Roger Waters: "The idea is that the drugs wear off and in Waiting for the Worms he keeps flipping backwards and forwards from his real, or his original persona if you like, which is a reasonably kind of humane person into this 'waiting for the worms to come' persona, which is cracked, flipped, and is ready to crush anybody or anything that gets in the way... which a response to having been badly treated, and feeling very isolated. But at the end of Waiting for the Worms it gets too much for him, the oppression and he says 'stop.'  Then he says 'I wanna go home, take off this uniform and leave the show,' but he says 'I'm waiting in this prison cell because I have to know, have I been guilty all this time' and then he tries himself if you like."

It is unclear by this point where exactly the character of Pink is; however, it no longer really matters, because the events are taking place entirely within his own mind. The prison cell in which he finds himself, and the trial which follows, are entirely his own mental creations.

Disc One
In the Flesh?
Thin Ice, The
Another Brick in the Wall part 1
Happiest Days of Our Lives, The
Another Brick in the Wall part 2
Goodbye Blue Sky
Empty Spaces
Young Lust
One of My Turns
Don't Leave Me Now
Another Brick in the Wall part 3
Goodbye Cruel World
Disc Two
Hey You
Is There Anybody Out There?
Nobody Home
Bring the Boys Back Home
Comfortably Numb
Show Must Go On, The
In the Flesh
Run Like Hell
Waiting for the Worms
Trial, The
Outside the Wall

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