Friday, March 26, 2010

Don't Leave Me Now (Wall film)

Don't Leave Me Now 3:06
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Don't Leave Me Now from the Wall album for sung lyrics.)

Pink lies in the hotel pool bleeding while thoughts of his wife making love to another man drift relentlessly through his head. We then find him again in his hotel room, but this time it is grossly distorted by his imagination.

Peter Biziou: "The camera pulls back from a medium closeup of Pink in his armchair to a very wide angle and we discover either the room is very large or he's very small. Then the shadow of his wife appears on the wall. She is walking towards him and growing in size and very smoothly her form becomes Gerald Scarfe's animation which continues growing into a gross figure that is persecuting Pink. Brian Morris had to build a very large room and cheat the perspective. We kept Pink and all the furniture the same normal size so that as the camera pulls back you are given the impression that he's totally alienated in this very, very large room." [Dallas 131]

Once again, Oxford Scientific Films shot the extreme close-ups of the falling drops of blood during this song.  (Note: Pictured below, Scarfe drawing depicting this scene, taken from The Wall storyboard.)

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