Friday, March 12, 2010

One of My Turns (Wall film)

One of My Turns 3:44
     (written by Roger Waters)

See One of My Turns (Wall album) for sung lyrics

American Groupie:
Oh my god, what a fabulous room.
Are all these your guitars?
This place is bigger than our apartment.
You like the tube, huh?
Can I get a drink of water?
Can I get you a drink of water?
Oh wow, look at this tub!
Hello? Are you feeling okay?

Pink flips on the TV and ignores the groupie, caught up in his own thoughts. A single tear rolls down his cheek, and he explodes into a violent rage, destroying his hotel room and flinging things at the American Groupie. This scene was shot by chief cameraman John Stanier using a hand-held camera to capture Pink's insane rage, during which he cuts himself quite badly. Alan Parker has described Stanier as a man with "ballet dancer's feet and bricklayer's shoulders," certainly assets needed for this scene.

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