Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodbye Blue Sky (Wall film)

Goodbye Blue Sky 2:03
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Goodbye Blue Sky from the Wall album for sung lyrics.)

A visual flashback again, to Pink's infancy, circa 1944. This is smoothly led into by the previous song, which related events happening at this time. A lengthy animation section here, courtesy of Gerald Scarfe, is led into by a shot of a dove taking off in flight. This proved a particularly difficult one for the film crew to get, in the end using around 70 birds before it was got right. Depicting imagery of war, fear, and death, this striking scene relates the themes of the Wall to their larger context. The 'frightened ones' are shown by Scarfe's animation to be fearful creatures donning gas masks (a childhood memory for him, from the days of the air raid sirens), cowering from the falling bombs. Scarfe describes the animation sequence.

Gerald Scarfe: "The dove of peace explodes and from its entrails a terrible eagle is born. This menacing creature tears great clods from the countryside with its gigantic talons, destroying whole cities. Swooping low it gives birth to the War Lord, a gargantuan figure who turns to metal and sends forth bombers from its armpits. The bombers turn to crosses as the frightened ones run to their shelters. The ghosts of soldiers fall and rise again continuously and on a hill of bodies a Union Jack turns to a bloody cross. Blood runs down the cross and through the corpses and pointlessly trickles down the drain." [Schaffner 240]

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