Friday, March 26, 2010

Nobody Home (Wall film)

Nobody Home 3:05
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Nobody Home from the Wall album for sung lyrics. Spoken words between lines 11 and 12:)
TV:  Hallo, Nigger old boy! What are you doing?
(And 16 and 17:)
TV:  Come on, Nigger.

Pink sits once again in front of another of his seemingly endless supply of televisions, flicking channels aimlessly; but his thoughts are elsewhere. Retreating deep into the recesses of his mind, he imagines himself and the hotel's TV and lamp on a windswept landscape, highlighted by patches of barbed wire and crossed hammers. He then visualizes his younger self (Young Pink) wandering into war trenches which then, in a dream-like manner, lead into a sanatorium, where Young Pink finds older Pink, now a gibbering maniac.

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