Friday, March 26, 2010

The Trial (Wall film)

The Trial 5:41
     (written by Waters, Ezrin)

(See Trial, The from the Wall album for sung lyrics.)

The trial scene, brought vividly to life by Gerald Scarfe's animations, takes place within Pink's mind. Scarfe's drawings are constantly changing and metamorphosizing: the wife becomes a scorpion and the judge, who begins as a worm, ends up bringing new meaning to the word 'asshole' — he is one, literally as well as figuratively. We also see the teacher as a marionette, held and controlled by his wife, perched high upon the wall.

And so Pink tears down his mental and emotional walls, according to his own self-sentence. In the final scene, the wall built specially for the film was destroyed by a powerful air cannon, created for a recent James Bond film. However, we do not see the physical form of Pink any more, and we are left to wonder what became of him in the end.

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