Monday, March 8, 2010


Nightmare 6:38
     (written by Roger Waters)

(See Cymbaline. In addition, the third verse repeats, with a lyric change in the fourth line:)
You feel the thunder of the train

Lead vocals: Dave Gilmour

Nightmare had been recently recorded for the More soundtrack under the title Cymbaline. This is a significantly longer version of the original song, with an extended instrumental jam in the middle including a guitar solo from Dave and an organ solo from Rick, followed by a repetition of the third verse. The song ends with another great guitar solo.

Since the song was originally about a nightmare, it fits in perfectly with the context of The Man Suite, helped along by the recurrent phrase 'Please wake me.'

The Man
Doing It
Daybreak part two
The Journey
Beginning, The
Beset by the Creatures of the Deep
Narrow Way, The
Pink Jungle, The
Labyrinths of Auximenes, The
Behold the Temple of Light
End of the Beginning, The

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