Monday, March 8, 2010

Nick's Boogie

Nick's Boogie  11:50
Studio recording 27 February 1967 
* Released on Tonite Let's All Make Love in London... Plus, 1990

Written by Mason, Barrett, Waters, Wright
Produced by Joe Boyd and Peter Whitehead
Engineered by John Woods

UK: SEE CD 258


Nick's Boogie was originally recorded to be used in Peter Whitehead's film documenting 1967 London, but was not included in the film or the soundtrack released in early 1968. It was not until See For Miles records re-released the soundtrack in 1990 that this piece became available to the public for the first time, along with the unedited version of Interstellar Overdrive. This piece resembles Interstellar Overdrive in that it is exploratory, improvisational, and innovative. It includes smooth and professional drum work from Nick. The discerning ear will hear drum fills here that later on may have provided the basis for the drum work on Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, off the Saucerful of Secrets album.

The Amazing Pudding fanzine claims that Nick's Boogie was recorded in April of 1968, but this seems
unlikely as the band's association with Peter Whitehead and his film was probably finished at this point.

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