Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Pink Jungle

The Pink Jungle 4:26
     (written by Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason)


Vocals: Roger Waters

Things get rougher for our hero as his travels take him into The Pink Jungle, and his road of trials truly begins. Bizarre cries of otherworldly animals echo eerily through this jungle of sound, and the frantic instrumentation of the middle section of the piece is suited to the fear and anxiety the hero must feel as she (or he) traverses this surreal landscape.

This is a substantially different version of an older tune: Pow R. Toc H. from the Piper at the Gates of Dawn album. This was always a very improvisational piece, and this version benefits hugely from Dave's great guitar work, adding a totally new dimension to the song. Roger also shows off his vocal propensity for strange sounds, taking the jungle and bird cries much farther out than on the original. There may have been a tape played near the end of the piece, unless Dave also makes bird noises at the conclusion.

The Man
Doing It
Daybreak part two
The Journey
Beginning, The
Beset by the Creatures of the Deep
Narrow Way, The
Pink Jungle, The
Labyrinths of Auximenes, The
Behold the Temple of Light
End of the Beginning, The

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