Friday, February 26, 2010

La Carrera Panamericana

La Carrera Panamericana  1:05:00
Studio recording 1986, 1987, and 1991
* Released on video December 1991

David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Rick Wright, Jon Carin, Guy Pratt, Gary Wallis, Tim Renwick

Director/Producer: Ian McArthur
Executive Producer: Steve O'Rourke
Production Company: Freshname Productions
New music produced by David Gilmour
Sleeve by The Complete Works
Released by Sony Music Video Enterprises

The soundtrack to the film, 100% Pink Floyd, includes four songs from A Momentary Lapse of Reason, re-edited but not remixed, six entirely new instrumental pieces, and a new re-recording of Run Like Hell. This an interesting step in the progress of the band from Momentary to The Division Bell. Rick Wright has begun writing again, and highlights such as Country Theme, Mexico '78, and Big Theme are a clue to the future direction of the group.

As for the film itself, it is relatively unimpressive (except for classic car fans), sometimes even amateurish. Many of the interviews seem muddled, and it is frequently difficult to discern what is being said. One interesting point is the first high-profile appearance of Steve O'Rourke, Pink Floyd manager since 1968. Steve and Dave Gilmour make up one Floyd team, and Nick Mason and Valentine ('Val') Lindsay make up the second, both teams driving identical Jaguars. The race covers nearly 2500 miles in just six days, from the southern to the northern extremes of Mexico. Dave and Steve do not finish the race due to an accident, but Nick and Val finish in 8th place — truly remarkable considering the competition, and once again showing Nick's facility in racing in amateur and semi-pro events; in fact, Nick's aptitude as a collector and racer of classic cars virtually exceeds his skill as a member of Pink Floyd.

The official description of the film from Sony Music Video:
"Pink Floyd's David Gilmour and Nick Mason took to the road in October 1991 to take part in 'La Carrera Panamericana' — a stunning film about the legendary car race held in Mexico throughout the early 50's. One hundred and twenty rare pre-1954 cars together with their 240 international drivers competed in the fourth re-run of this historic race. Both avid racing drivers with keen interests in classic cars, they decided to enter the Panamericana driving two beautiful, replica 1952 'C' type Jaguars. However, this film is not just the story of their race — but of all the entrants of this gruelling top speed tour of the Pan American Highway, stretching from Southern Mexico all the way to the Texas border 2000 miles away. The magnificent Mexican landscape coupled with the handsome classic cars perfectly match Pink Floyd's powerful soundtrack. The film captures stories picked up on the road and from the fiestas specially held in each town en route, an opportunity in itself to explore the rich culture of the host nation. This is indeed the perfect setting for a racing event that includes a little of everything — the combination of drivers, back-up teams and the fiery Latin American temperament, undoubtedly adding a touch of spice! The idea of the Carrera Panamericana race was conceived by President Miguel Aleman of Mexico in 1950 to commemorate the opening of this now celebrated highway. The race quickly assumed international fame and attracted drivers and their cars from the world's top manufacturers. A series of tragic accidents and the sheer practicality of the event's organization were to spell the end for the race in 1954 in everyone's mind — that is until now..."

Run Like Hell
Pan Am Shuffle
Yet Another Movie
Signs of Life
Country Theme
Mexico '78
Big Theme
One Slip
Small Theme
Carrera Slow Blues
Pan Am Shuffle

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