Sunday, March 14, 2010

Astronomy Domine (Live)

Astronomy Domine (Live)  4:48
Live recording 30 March 1994 
* Released on single B-side 23 May 1994

Guy Pratt — Bass
Jon Carin — Keyboards

Written by Syd Barrett
Produced by David Gilmour and James Guthrie
Recorded and mixed by James Guthrie
Assistant engineer: Sean O'Dwyer
Recorded at Joe Robbie Stadium, Wednesday 30 March 1994
Recording mobile provided by Remote Recording Services
Mixed at Crescent Moon Studios
Assistant engineer: Sebastian Krys
Mastered at The Mastering Lab by Doug Sax

UK: CD EMS 309

(See Astronomy Domine (Piper at the Gates of Dawn) for sung lyrics.)

An entirely new recording of this classic song, this release was surprising and welcome. This version of the song is much more similar to the original Piper version than the later Ummagumma one. This is emphasised by the return of the original spoken words by Peter Jenner at the beginning and end. The tempo is considerably quicker than on any previous recording of the song, making the running time shorter.

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