Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paranoid Eyes

Paranoid Eyes 3:43     (written by Roger Waters)

Button your lip and don't let the shield slip
Take a fresh grip on your bullet-proof mask
And if they try to break down your disguise
with their questions
    Hello C—, how are you tonight?
You can hide hide hide
Behind paranoid eyes

You put on your brave face
and slip over the road for a jar
Fixing your grin as you casually lean on the bar
Laughing too loud at the rest of the world
With the boys in the crowd
You can hide, hide, hide
...bring in the rest of 'em.
Tell you what mates, I'll give you
three blacks, and play you for five or up.

Behind petrified eyes

Ta! You was unlucky there, son.
You believed in their stories
of fame, fortune and glory
Now you're lost in a haze of alcohol soft middle age
The pie in the sky turned out to be miles too high
And you hide, hide, hide
    Taggart! Lost!
Behind brown and mild eyes     Oi!

A moving portrait of the sadness of the schoolmaster character and others like him who have lost their dreams and a feeling of purpose.

The music is perfectly backed with a variety of sound effects: one hears the sounds of the teacher on his way to the pub, a whispered question from what may be a lady of the evening, and then on the line 'slip over the road for a jar' the teacher enters the pub, and the sounds of drinking, gambling, and suchlike forms of reassuring escapism filter through the music.

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