Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party Sequence

Party Sequence 1:07
     (written by Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason)


A simple piece utilizing different bongos and hand drums, with a flute laid on top. If I didn't know better, I'd be inclined to think that the musicians seen in the film playing this tune actually recorded it, and not the Floyd, though they are credited. Assuming it's Nick playing the various drums (overdubbed), he shows a great facility for fast and furious 'hippie style' drumming. The flute is probably Roger or Nick.

Why the piece is credited to the entire band remains a mystery.

The film version of Party Sequence is different, with a guitar rounding out the ensemble. In fact, in the movie there are three different 'party sequences.' The first is the album version with guitar, extended to 2.26 in length, the second and third are entirely different, but use the same instrumentation, and are 2.14 and 1.23 respectively. The latter two pieces were probably also recorded by Pink Floyd, but may also have been recorded by the musicians seen playing them in the film (though only the drummers are visible). These are, fittingly enough, played at a party not long after Stefan's arrival in Ibiza, where he smokes pot and becomes paranoid, believing Estelle doesn't love him, hitting her, then making up.

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