Friday, February 26, 2010

Crying Song

Crying Song 3:31
     (written by Roger Waters)

We smile and smile (2x)
Laughter echoes in your eyes
We climb and climb (2x)
Footfall softly in the pines
We cry and cry (2x)
Sadness passes in a while
We roll and roll (2x)
Help me roll away the stone

Another quiet, acoustic song written by Roger and sung by Dave with double-tracked voice, plus Rick doing quiet harmonies in the background. Some nice bells open the piece, and Dave's electric closes it.

This song contains the first mention in Roger's lyrics of the 'stone,' an image that would take on more meaning in later works. It seems to represent the burden that each individual has to bear, different for everyone, that threatens to drag him or her down unless support is found. Here Roger asks 'Help me roll away the stone,' and in The Wall it is 'Would you help me to carry the stone?' The implication seems to be that previously he wanted help to shrug off his burden, which he later decided to bear, but still yearned for assistance.

Late in the film, an edit of this song is played on a tape recorder by Estelle in her apartment with Stefan, after he has had to resort to drug dealing to pay off her debts.

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