Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Spanish Piece

A Spanish Piece 1:02
     (written by Dave Gilmour)

Bath of tequila, Manuel
Leaf and gringo
Laugh at my lisp and I kill you
I think!
Ah, this Spanish music, it sets my soul on fire!
Lovely señorita
Your eyes are like stars
Your teeth are like pearls
Your ruby lips

An amusing and enjoyable piece (and Dave's first sole writing credit on a released song), with some great Spanish guitar work from Gilmour. Dave also does the 'drunken Spaniard' impression. Roger explained how it came about.

Roger Waters: "We were told one bit had to be coming out of a radio in a Spanish bar, so we had to do something that suggested that. In the middle of it, David tried to make the sort of speech noises you'd expect to hear."

Contrary to earlier intention, A Spanish Piece ended up being used in the lobby of Estelle's hotel, when Stefan is trying to track her down after arriving in Ibiza. Dave's vocals are omitted in the film version of the piece.

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