Sunday, March 21, 2010

Up The Khyber

Up The Khyber (Juke Box) 2:10
     (written by Mason, Wright)


Fast and heavy drumming from Nick in a style usually reserved for solos, plus overdubbed piano and organ from Rick, constitute the entire instrumentation of this jam piece. On the trivial side of things, the Khyber Pass is a dangerous mountain pass connecting Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its relevance to the song is unknown.

This comes directly after Crying Song in the film, when Stefan flips the tape and it is on the other side. It is playing when he discovers Estelle has been doing 'horse' (heroin) without his knowledge. The 'Juke Box' addition to the title is found on the actual vinyl LP only. This is the only Pink Floyd song written by Nick and Rick only.

Cirrus Minor
Nile Song, The
Crying Song
Up the Khyber
Green is the Colour
Party Sequence
Main Theme
Ibiza Bar
More Blues
Spanish Piece, A
Dramatic Theme

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