Saturday, March 6, 2010

Main Theme

Main Theme 5:28
     (written by Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason)


The main theme of More begins with crescendoing cymbals from Nick and slow organ from Rick. After about a minute, Nick and Roger jump into a rhythmic groove while Rick's psychedelic organ continues. Another minute and Rick cuts the sustained notes in favor of brief high notes highlighting the melody, and Dave comes in last, taking Rick's place on the sustained notes. This is one of the better pieces on the album, and has a good jam feel to it while still being atmospheric.

This tune opens the film, playing over the opening credits to great effect. Nestor Almendros' refracted photography of the sun complements it very well. It reprises briefly near the end, as Stefan contemplates his misery: "The psychedelic revolution excludes degrading drugs, such as alcohol and heroin. The changes we have been through, our plunge into egotism and alienation, are the opposite of the liberation I can read on the faces of these people who have reached the other side."

This piece was performed live for a short time in 1970.

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