Sunday, March 14, 2010


Quicksilver (Water-Pipe) 7:06
     (written by Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason)


This is basically just a sound effects and atmosphere piece that doesn't really go anywhere, though that doesn't hinder a relaxed enjoyment of its ambiance. Starting out with bizarre sound effects, it continues with cymbals, keyboard, bells, and organ. Much of it seems improvised, and all of it is the brand of laid back (and mostly forgettable) psychedelia that the Floyd specialized in during this period. Elements of this piece formed the basis for the later tune Sleep in The Man Suite. The subtitle to Quicksilver comes from the label on the LP only.

Cirrus Minor
Nile Song, The
Crying Song
Up the Khyber
Green is the Colour
Party Sequence
Main Theme
Ibiza Bar
More Blues
Spanish Piece, A
Dramatic Theme
Appropriately, this piece features in the movie when Stefan and Estelle are at their summer cottage, smoking cannabis through a water-pipe. They get to discussing heroin, and Estelle convinces Stefan to try it for the first time. The piece reprises later in the film during their LSD trip in which they are trying to shake their smack addiction.

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