Sunday, March 14, 2010

Reaction In G

Reaction In G  6:09
Performed live 28 July 1967 

* Unreleased


An early concert piece, Reaction in G was never recorded in the studio, although a 'live' take was laid down for a BBC Radio One broadcast on 25 September 1967 (see the BBC Sessions Appendix); it was never released. In his book, Miles talked about seeing the piece performed for the first time at the UFO Club.

Miles: "The Floyd did their usual two sets and ignored their two hit singles. They did include Pow R. Toc H. and premièred a new number called Reaction in G which they announced as a reaction against their recent Scottish tour during which they had to play their hit single See Emily Play."

Reaction is distinguished by heavy slide guitar from Syd with plenty of feedback and distortion. In fact, the piece begins with a wail of feedback á la The Beatles' I Feel Fine (the comparison ends there, however). The tempo of the tune seems to have increased over the time it was performed, with later performances being under four minutes, less improvised, and featuring a driving drum beat from Nick. This song was not performed live after Syd Barrett's departure. Like many of the band's 'jam' pieces, it was probably a group composition, though it may have been written by Syd.

Timing taken from the performance on 12 October 1967, at the Oude-Aloy Hallen, Rotterdam, Holland.

Alternate bootlegger's titles: In G, Stoned Again, Opening Tune

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