Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow  2:07
Studio recording 15 April 1967 

* Released on single B-side 16 June 1967 
* Re-released on The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, 5 August 1967; The Best of the Pink Floyd, 1970 (Europe only); Masters of Rock vol. 1, 1974 (Europe only); and on the Early Singles CD of the Shine On box set, 1992

Written by Syd Barrett
Produced by Norman Smith
Engineered by Peter Bown
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios

UK: Columbia DB 8214 (B-side)
US: Tower 356 (B-side)

The black and green scarecrow
As everyone knows
Stood with a bird on his hat
And straw everywhere, he didn't care
He stood in a field where barley grows

His head did no thinking
His arms didn't move
Except when the wind cut up rough
And mice ran around on the ground
He stood in a field where barley grows

The black and green scarecrow
Is sadder than me
But now he's resigned to his fate
His life's not unkind, he doesn't mind
He stood in a field where barley grows

Lead vocals: Syd Barrett

Pink Floyd had signed with EMI at the beginning of March, and almost immediately their first single was released and work began on their first album. Their producer was Norman Smith (nicknamed 'Normal' Smith by the Beatles), who was considered boring and conservative, but also steady and experienced.

The Scarecrow was recorded at the second Pink Floyd Abbey Road session on 15 April for The Piper at the Gates of Dawn album. A simple song with an interesting organ intro from Rick Wright, it was chosen as the B-side to See Emily Play (it was one of only five other songs which had already been recorded) and subsequently released on the above-named LP as well.

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