Friday, March 26, 2010

Speak To Me (Eclipse)

Speak To Me 2:08
     (written by Nick Mason)


The original version of Speak to Me was not quite as sophisticated as its later counterpart, consisting of the now familiar heartbeat and various sounds floating in the background, including cows mooing (echoes of Atom Heart Mother), and a few synth chords. This piece was played from a tape in concert, and could last anywhere from one minute up to ten or more while the band finished setting up and got ready to play.

Apparently some visual effect heralded the end of the piece and the beginning of the rest of the set, as on an early bootleg recording of this show an audience member near the microphone can be heard to exclaim in amazement, 'Christ, mate, look at that! Brilliant!'

This method of opening a concert by playing various sound effects in quadrophonic sound before the show proper began continued long after Eclipse/Dark Side was no longer being performed, and indeed into the present day.

Speak to Me
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Dark Side of the Moon, The

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